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I have been working as a software developer for my entire career, mostly focusing on Java and, more recently, JavaScript. A consistent topic throughout my projects has been the development of tools for knowledge modeling.

My current job title is Vice President, Research & Development at TopQuadrant. In this role I enjoy some freedom in creating new technologies in the fields of Linked Data, Semantic Web and ontology modeling. In addition to TopBraid Composer, I have created a stack of SPARQL-based languages for rules and constraints (SPIN), data processing pipelines (SPARQLMotion) and user interface templates (SPARQL Web Pages).

Here are some example projects that I contributed to as a lead developer. Many of those are listed only for historical interest.

TopBraid Composer (2006-)
The leading professional development tool for Linked Data and Semantic Web content and applications.
Employer: TopQuadrant, Inc..
Protege OWL Plugin (2003-2005)
A complex extension the ontology editor platform Protege to support editing Semantic Web contents in the Web Ontology Language (OWL).
AGILShell (2000-2002)  
A process modeling tool for the development of multi-agent systems.
KBeans (1998-2001)  
A tool-supported extension of JavaBeans that allows to represent semantic constraints on object states.
SPIRIT (1993-1998)  
A probabilistic expert system shell.
Boulderland (1997)  
A highly successful arcade game that I wrote in order to teach myself Java. There used to be multiple copies of this game hosted across the web, but it probably became a bit dated by now.
I used some ideas of this game later in the context of SPIN, see my Blog entry and my SemTech 2009 video.

Furthermore, I have made contributions to several other systems:

POWM (1999-2002)  
A visual process modeling tool which allows to capture engineering knowledge and to organize working documents.
ANIS (1998-2000)
A knowledge-based anesthesia information system, including knowledge modeling tools.
Cardio-OP (1998-2001)  
Teachware for cardiac surgery, including a visual authoring environment.
MMM (1997)  
Teachware for highschool maths, based on Java 1.0.