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While I have always been privileged to turn my passion into my profession, I am also backed by a wonderful family and enjoy a lot of time outdoors and in sporting events. After my childhood and student time in Germany, I have lived in several countries, including the USA, New Zealand, and the UK. In 2010 I moved with my family to tropical Far North Queensland (Australia) to find the best possible work-life balance.


Darwin was born on . Here is a video of him from the time when he went to pre-school in Cupertino.

Ruby was born on . This video shows her "reading" a book in "German".

Additional family & house pictures can be found in my Flickr Stream.


Life in the tropics allows me to spend a lot of time outdoors. I am trying to find enough time to go out on my mountain bike and do hikes in the forests around my home.

I also enjoyed playing table tennis, and played for various clubs in Germany and until 2014 in Cairns (see club mailing list). While my style of playing is not very esthetic, I used to play reasonably successful when I was younger (Verbandsliga level in Germany). There are a couple of videos of me in action: playing Paul Uttley in 2010 and playing Thomas Woltmann in 2013. I was briefly a top-ten player in Queensland in 2012 and my current ranking is somewhere here. I stopped playing in 2014 due to the risk of increasing elbow and lower back issues.

I enjoy listening to various kinds of music, but often listen to electronic ambient music by Klaus Schulze, Steve Roach, Tim Hecker and Twice a Man. Among mainstream popular music I enjoy New Order, Coldplay and similar artists.


Before we had kids, I did a lot of longish bike/hike/camping tours through several countries around the world. Here are some of my trips:

Here is a random collection of images from those trips

Kepler Track, New Zealand (1997)

Cycling along Lake Hawea, New Zealand (1997)

Mountain Biking along Poison Spider Mesa Trail, Moab, Utah (1999)

On the rim of Crater Lake, Oregon (2003)

Near Taylor Point, Trinity Beach, Queensland (2005)